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The ADRIC 2019 Conference will be held November 20-22 in Victoria, BC. See the event flyer for details: ADRIC 2019 Conference

We regularly post announcements and detailed information on this page regarding upcoming events. Check back or add YCAP to your LinkedIn networks!

Past Events

17/10/19BanffYCAP 2019 Fall SymposiumEvent Flyer
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06/05/19CalgaryYCAP Cocktail ReceptionYCAP Cocktail Reception Event Flyer
02/04/19ParisYCAP 2019 Spring SymposiumFlyer
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14/03/19MontrealYoung Arbitration Practitioners Symposium (co-sponsored by YCAP)Flyer
08/11/18OttawaYCAP 2018 Fall SymposiumFlyer
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Symposium Webcast
07/05/18CalgaryYCAP 2018 Spring SymposiumFlyer
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Symposium Webcast
09/11/17MontrealYCAP 2017 Fall SymposiumFlyer
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Symposium Webcast
26/10/17TorontoICDR Y&I and YCAP EventFlyer
23/08/17TorontoYCAP Wine and Cheese ReceptionFlyer
06/06/17VancouverYCAP 2017 Spring SymposiumFlyerSymposium Webcast
08/05/17CalgaryYCAP Wine and Cheese ReceptionFlyer
13/10/16TorontoYCAP 2016 Fall SymposiumFlyer,
Symposium Webcast
09/05/16CalgaryYCAP 2016 Spring SymposiumFlyer
03/03/16LondonLondon Pub Night
22/10/15VancouverYCAP 2015 Fall SymposiumFlyer,
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Symposium Webcast
25/06/15ParisYCAP 2015 Spring SymposiumFlyer
06/11/14MontrealYCAP 2014 Fall SymposiumFact PatternSymposium Webcast
15/10/14CalgaryYCAP and ICDR Y&I Seminar: "Oil & Gas Arbitration: A Primer on Dispute Resolution Clauses for Transactional Lawyers"Presentation 1,
Presentation 2,
Presentation 3
Seminar Video Recording
29/05/14TorontoYCAP / IBA SymposiumProgramme, Presentation, and Fictional Memo
08/05/14VancouverYCAP 2014 Spring SymposiumSymposium FlyerSymposium Webcast
06/10/13BostonYoung Arbitration Practitioners Symposium (co-sponsored by YCAP)Programme,
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16/09/13TorontoYCAP Pub Night
16/09/13TorontoRocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Special Institute on International Energy & Minerals
Arbitration (YCAP co-sponsor)
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20/06/13OttawaYCAP 2013 Spring SymposiumSymposium FlyerSymposium Webcast
25/10/12MontrealYCAP 2012 Fall SymposiumSymposium Audio
21/06/12TorontoYCAP/ICDR Y&I Event
Symposium FlyerSymposium Webcast
02/05/12TorontoThe Advocates' Society and YCAP Joint Event: Building your Brand: Arbitration and Mediation Advocacy Practice Group Mentoring DinnerBrochure
22/06/11YCAP 2011 Spring SymposiumSymposium Flyer
24/11/10TeleconferenceYCAP 2010 Annual General Meeting
06/10/10VancouverYCAP 2010 Fall Symposium
17/06/10OttawaYCAP 2010 Spring SymposiumSymposium Flyer
2009YCAP Fall Symposium
05/06/09TorontoYCAP Spring SymposiumSymposium Flyer
24/10/08MontrealYCAP Fall Symposium
30/04/08MontrealYCAP Symposium: Current Issues in International ArbitrationSymposium Flyer
27/09/07TorontoYCAP Symposium: Current Issues in International ArbitrationSymposium Flyer
27/10/06MontrealYCAP Luncheon Symposium: Current Issues in International ArbitrationSymposium Flyer
04/06/06TorontoJoint Workshop of YCAP / International Law Assocation (ILA) Young Lawyers Programme: "Building a Practice in International Law: Career Strategies and Practical Tips from Leading Practitioners"Workshop Flyer
28/10/05TorontoLuncheon Symposium: Recent Developments in International Arbitration: Update and Open Forum for DiscussionSymposium Flyer
28/06/05VancouverLuncheon Symposium:
Making your Way in the World of International Commercial Arbitration: Career Strategies from a Leading Arbitrator
Symposium Flyer
01/10/04MontrealInaugural Symposium: Fundamentals for Successful International Arbitration: An Introductory DiscussionSymposium Flyer
10/06/04OttawaInaugural Launch Meeting of CYAPG (now YCAP)Minutes of Meeting